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Natalye =D
I am Mexican!
&love the fun C:

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i love you. :)
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Jesse Treece intrigues us all once again!
Titled “The city’s been dead (since you’ve been gone),” the collage depicts a reversed scene of soaring cars (neon-like streaks) almost appearing to be engulfing a “city” of both rural and urban structures. By juxtaposing two contrastingly different styles of living, perhaps Treece responds to the inevitable nature of time.
That’s my opinion. What do you think?
Be sure to check out more of Jesse Treece’s works on her own tumblr here as well as her Society6 store here!
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bone horse (Taken with instagram)
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Drawing for a wine label assignment that is supposed to represent “me.” 30 Rock until I am too tired to see~
graphite on paper